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Success… Kinda.

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Microsoft did manage to expedite my console repair and get the replacement to me before Christmas.  So, on that front I am very happy because my wife loved her Christmas presents:  Lips and Singstar ABBA for the 360 and PS3 respectively.   We played both, and she loves the Singstar ABBA.  Lips interface has some problems, such as the annoying “elevator music” when changing tracks.  Silence would have been much better, however the scoring on Lips seems to be a bit more forgiving and the tone chart seems a little more intuitive once you get the hang of the “range” that is shows you.

Beyond that, Microsoft did replace the 360 with a refurbished unit.  No big surprise there, but since this is my 5th time sending in a console for repair/replacement I fully expect to have to send this one back in within a year.  I am glad that I purchased that extended warranty / service contract from Microsoft.   For ~$50 you can’t beat it.  I got it by calling the XBOX / Microsoft support 800 number and asking about it.  The first couple people weren’t real familiar with it but they eventually found it and applied it to my console.  My warranty is good for another couple years still.   Maybe by then Microsoft will figure out how to create a refurbished unit with a higher life expectency than 1 year of mild usage.

So, I got what I wanted for Christmas:   to see my wife be completely taken by surprise by her two “stocking stuffers” and we had some fun with the rest of the family that was gathered singing all sorts of songs.


Written by BustedChain

12/28/2008 at 9:41 pm