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Microsoft Steals Almost 3 Months of My Warranty / Service Contract

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After one of the many FAILURES my XBOX 360 has experienced, I purchased a **MICROSOFT** Service Contract to extend my warranty.    When it was all said and done, my warranty was extended until 01-22-2010.  I have logged into the Microsoft Support site:  support.xbox.com and checked the status of my warranty several times.   After my last repair my warranty status got screwed up and I called them to fix it.   It was fixed and my warranty showed good until 01-22-2010 again.

Today I logged into my account and found that someone (or some computer) has reset my warranty to expire on 10-31-2009 instead.  They are effectively robbing me of almost 3 months of coverage.   This is unacceptable, so I am currently waiting on hold to get them to fix this (hopefully).   So far I am at 15 minutes on hold.  Since I’m stuck waiting for them, AGAIN, because of a problems that is NOT my fault I’ll write this and I’ll even add an interesting detail:

When I got my console back, last time it was sent in, it came back with the same serial number on the back.  This wasn’t a big deal. I figured they replaced a part inside and that was it.  However, I ran into TONS of problems trying to play my Rock Band Content and other Downloadable Content while offline.   I figured out, after a lot of wasted time and effort, that they DID change the serial number of the electronics inside the console.  I had a new Console ID and a new Serial Number on the Dashboard.   The case and the Dashboard don’t match in terms of serial number.    So, now I’m concerned that they are going to try and screw me on that too.

So, now according to Murphy’s Law I have to expect that my XBOX 360 will likely die sometime between October 31st and this coming January 22nd.  Of course, if they do get my warranty status fixed, then maybe my SIXTH 360 Console failure won’t occur until the 23rd of January.  I’ve learned to expect the worst in terms of reliability here.

Here is a screen capture of my warranty status that printed into a PDF years ago just in case something like this happened.   I also have my original paperwork for the service contract locked away too.

Warranty Status Saved On 11/02/2007:

Warranty Status showing January 22nd 2010 Date

Warranty Status showing January 22nd 2010 Date

UPDATED:  Record of Call:

Called at 7:55pm.  Waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to “Marvin” in the Billing Department.

“Marvin” couldn’t help me, so he transferred me to “Hardware”.

45 minutes into the call, “Nemo” picked up the line and took over the call.   I had to re-explain everything all over again to him because he kinda understood, but not 100%.

He put me on hold.  When he came back on the line he gave me a service request number:  111304XXX7 and said that he had to consult a specialist.

62 minutes into the call, “Nemo” came back on the line and asked me to hold some more.  I told him to not come back on the line until he had something else to tell me.

… at this point, I am still on hold…. 65 minutes and counting up.   Man, I’m glad I have free nights and weekends starting at 6pm and an AirAve!

69 minutes into the call, “Nemo” came back on the line and explained that they are escalating this to “Level 3 Support: The Service Center”, and he asked for call back number and time.  I gave him my cell and after 6pm Mountain Time.

I finally got off the phone 71 minutes after I dialed.  Call ended 9:06pm.

New Slogan:

Microsoft Support:   What a FREAKING waste of time and energy!


Here it is 11 days later and I have not heard a single thing from Microsoft about this.  I log into the support website and have no details on my console.  I guess I have to call back, waste another hour of my time, get jerked around AGAIN and still get no solution on the same day that I call.   New Slogan:  This is Microsoft Speed.


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09/26/2009 at 7:33 pm