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Wrapping up…

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After having to redownload every single piece of content I have ever purchased (230+ items) I finally am able to play my 360 online and offline without any problems (at least as far as arcade games and Rock Band is concerned as that is all I have been able to test).

For my “hassle” they are sending me a wireless controller.  Of course I already bought 3 for a total of four for myself, so this extra controller is likely going to a friend.  They did offer me “Viva Pinata” or “PGR3” as game options…blech.  barf…and all that jazz.

Hopefully they will resolve my final problem:  My extended service contract that was supposed to be in effect until 2010 has been cut down to 3 months from now effectively losing most of my Microsoft extended service contract.  I was assured that the date would be properly adjusted.  Oy vey.


The service contract clearely states that I would receive a console with the latest features.   I wish I could sue them for breech of contract because the console they sent me DOES NOT have HDMI and DOES NOT have a cooler running newer smaller processor.   It is the same type of refurbished garbage that failed on me 4 times now.


Written by BustedChain

01/05/2009 at 4:08 pm