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‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through my home, not a 360 was whirring…

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‘Twas the week before Christmas and all through my home,
no 360 could be heard, not even a new NXE Welcome.
The console had been running right next to the TV with care,
In hopes that it would last for a long time, with years to spare;
The family was gathered watching Netflix before going to bed,
While visions of streaming movies danced in front of their head;
And Mamma in her horror, and I in my shock,
Had just witnessed the screen freeze and lock.
I sprang from the sofa and did power it down,
Next I turned it back on and watched with a frown,
While seeing the the 3 red lights blink, all I could say,
“Oh no what horrible timing! Why did this happen today?”
On Monday afternoon my wife’s Christmas gift on my front door shall show,
But without a working XBOX 360 console, playing the video game “Lips” will blow!!!

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Okay, this year I FINALLY figured out what I want for Christmas.  I never really have anything that I must have, but this year…. I want Microsoft to replace my broken XBOX 360 *BEFORE* Christmas so that the present I bought my wife will work on Christmas day!

Last night my XBOX 360 died, yet again with the dreaded RRoD.  This time it happened while watching a Netflix video.  This is the 5th time that it has to be sent in for repair or replacement.  It couldn’t have happened at a worse time with this being the week before Christmas break.  My wife and I both are off of work the week of Christmas but with repair times, the console probably won’t be back until just before we go back to work.

So far I have had FIVE repairs/replacements:

  1. Hardware Failure:  Red Ring of Death #1
  2. Hardware Failure:  Red Ring of Death #2
  3. Hardware Failure:  Severe lockups/crashes on ANY game I played after 15 to 30 minutes.
  4. Hardware Failure:  Many Circular scratches on my CoD4 disc even though the console never moved, bumped, or anything on top of the entertainment center.
  5. Hardware Failure:  Red Ring of Death #3 (last night)

My wife is not a gamer, but when I told her about Lips coming out for the 360 she was very excited about it, so I ordered it for her for Christmas.    It arrives tomorrow according to the tracking info.  Of course when I give her the gift on Christmas she will be excited when she opens it up and then probably sad when she realizes that the XBOX 360 still hasn’t been returned by MicroShaft by then.  Chances are the replacement 360 won’t arrive until after Christmas break is already over.

I tried to escalate the repair but even “expedited” the repair it going to take up to 2 weeks to complete even with the extended warranty I purchased directly from Microsoft.

I won’t say that Microsoft ruined Christmas as I will still be glad to see family and have some time off, but I will say that:

A> Microsoft ruined my wife’s Christmas gift.    I’ll try to think of something else she will like, but it won’t have anything to do with gaming and it won’t be what I KNOW she wanted.

B> Microsoft ruined our chance of being able to play on the 360 during our Christmas vacation.   I would been able to catch up on several games that I’ve had waiting for me.

I’ve emailed/twittered MajorNelson.  I know he isn’t tech support, but I feel this case is getting to be pretty ridiculous.  How many repairs/replacements do I need before I get a console that just WORKS ?

I just checked.  I have bought 26 games.  I have 3 brand new ones that I haven’t even had a chance to play yet. I have spent hundreds of dollars on Down Loadable Content for games, especially Rock Band Tracks.     I don’t think asking for a new XBOX 360 console for Christmas to replace my 5th failed one is too much to ask of Microsoft.

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Written by BustedChain

12/14/2008 at 6:19 pm

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