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Microsoft Steals Almost 3 Months of My Warranty / Service Contract

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After one of the many FAILURES my XBOX 360 has experienced, I purchased a **MICROSOFT** Service Contract to extend my warranty.    When it was all said and done, my warranty was extended until 01-22-2010.  I have logged into the Microsoft Support site:  support.xbox.com and checked the status of my warranty several times.   After my last repair my warranty status got screwed up and I called them to fix it.   It was fixed and my warranty showed good until 01-22-2010 again.

Today I logged into my account and found that someone (or some computer) has reset my warranty to expire on 10-31-2009 instead.  They are effectively robbing me of almost 3 months of coverage.   This is unacceptable, so I am currently waiting on hold to get them to fix this (hopefully).   So far I am at 15 minutes on hold.  Since I’m stuck waiting for them, AGAIN, because of a problems that is NOT my fault I’ll write this and I’ll even add an interesting detail:

When I got my console back, last time it was sent in, it came back with the same serial number on the back.  This wasn’t a big deal. I figured they replaced a part inside and that was it.  However, I ran into TONS of problems trying to play my Rock Band Content and other Downloadable Content while offline.   I figured out, after a lot of wasted time and effort, that they DID change the serial number of the electronics inside the console.  I had a new Console ID and a new Serial Number on the Dashboard.   The case and the Dashboard don’t match in terms of serial number.    So, now I’m concerned that they are going to try and screw me on that too.

So, now according to Murphy’s Law I have to expect that my XBOX 360 will likely die sometime between October 31st and this coming January 22nd.  Of course, if they do get my warranty status fixed, then maybe my SIXTH 360 Console failure won’t occur until the 23rd of January.  I’ve learned to expect the worst in terms of reliability here.

Here is a screen capture of my warranty status that printed into a PDF years ago just in case something like this happened.   I also have my original paperwork for the service contract locked away too.

Warranty Status Saved On 11/02/2007:

Warranty Status showing January 22nd 2010 Date

Warranty Status showing January 22nd 2010 Date

UPDATED:  Record of Call:

Called at 7:55pm.  Waited on hold for 20 minutes to talk to “Marvin” in the Billing Department.

“Marvin” couldn’t help me, so he transferred me to “Hardware”.

45 minutes into the call, “Nemo” picked up the line and took over the call.   I had to re-explain everything all over again to him because he kinda understood, but not 100%.

He put me on hold.  When he came back on the line he gave me a service request number:  111304XXX7 and said that he had to consult a specialist.

62 minutes into the call, “Nemo” came back on the line and asked me to hold some more.  I told him to not come back on the line until he had something else to tell me.

… at this point, I am still on hold…. 65 minutes and counting up.   Man, I’m glad I have free nights and weekends starting at 6pm and an AirAve!

69 minutes into the call, “Nemo” came back on the line and explained that they are escalating this to “Level 3 Support: The Service Center”, and he asked for call back number and time.  I gave him my cell and after 6pm Mountain Time.

I finally got off the phone 71 minutes after I dialed.  Call ended 9:06pm.

New Slogan:

Microsoft Support:   What a FREAKING waste of time and energy!


Here it is 11 days later and I have not heard a single thing from Microsoft about this.  I log into the support website and have no details on my console.  I guess I have to call back, waste another hour of my time, get jerked around AGAIN and still get no solution on the same day that I call.   New Slogan:  This is Microsoft Speed.


Written by BustedChain

09/26/2009 at 7:33 pm

Microsoft Flipping Off Loyal Customers, Yet Again… This time with GoW2 All Map Pack

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Microsoft marketplace weenies sure like shafting loyal customers.   As an “early adopter” I do expect that I would pay more for something than someone that waited, on the other hand please explain to me how it is fair that Microsoft is taking customers that have already bought all the Gears of War 2 map packs for 2000 points and are asking them to shell out another 1200 points to get the rest of the maps (Dark Corners Map Pack) that were just released?

All the maps for GoW2 cost 1600 points right now.   Microsoft could give the Dark Corners Map pack free and still have made an extra 400 points off of me and other users in the same boat.   Heck if they charged 400 points for the Dark Corners Map Pack, they would still be making 800 points extra off of folks like me.

What I hate most of all is that I had no clue they were going to release a “All in one” collection of maps for GoW2 early on.  If I had known I would have gladly waited to this day, but because they are so inconsistent in what they will release, when they will release it, and worst of all in being consistent and fair about pricing… we, the consumer wind up feeling the business end of the shaft at MicroShaft…. screwed.   Yet again.

Written by BustedChain

07/28/2009 at 7:12 am

Wrapping up…

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After having to redownload every single piece of content I have ever purchased (230+ items) I finally am able to play my 360 online and offline without any problems (at least as far as arcade games and Rock Band is concerned as that is all I have been able to test).

For my “hassle” they are sending me a wireless controller.  Of course I already bought 3 for a total of four for myself, so this extra controller is likely going to a friend.  They did offer me “Viva Pinata” or “PGR3” as game options…blech.  barf…and all that jazz.

Hopefully they will resolve my final problem:  My extended service contract that was supposed to be in effect until 2010 has been cut down to 3 months from now effectively losing most of my Microsoft extended service contract.  I was assured that the date would be properly adjusted.  Oy vey.


The service contract clearely states that I would receive a console with the latest features.   I wish I could sue them for breech of contract because the console they sent me DOES NOT have HDMI and DOES NOT have a cooler running newer smaller processor.   It is the same type of refurbished garbage that failed on me 4 times now.

Written by BustedChain

01/05/2009 at 4:08 pm

Success… Kinda.

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Microsoft did manage to expedite my console repair and get the replacement to me before Christmas.  So, on that front I am very happy because my wife loved her Christmas presents:  Lips and Singstar ABBA for the 360 and PS3 respectively.   We played both, and she loves the Singstar ABBA.  Lips interface has some problems, such as the annoying “elevator music” when changing tracks.  Silence would have been much better, however the scoring on Lips seems to be a bit more forgiving and the tone chart seems a little more intuitive once you get the hang of the “range” that is shows you.

Beyond that, Microsoft did replace the 360 with a refurbished unit.  No big surprise there, but since this is my 5th time sending in a console for repair/replacement I fully expect to have to send this one back in within a year.  I am glad that I purchased that extended warranty / service contract from Microsoft.   For ~$50 you can’t beat it.  I got it by calling the XBOX / Microsoft support 800 number and asking about it.  The first couple people weren’t real familiar with it but they eventually found it and applied it to my console.  My warranty is good for another couple years still.   Maybe by then Microsoft will figure out how to create a refurbished unit with a higher life expectency than 1 year of mild usage.

So, I got what I wanted for Christmas:   to see my wife be completely taken by surprise by her two “stocking stuffers” and we had some fun with the rest of the family that was gathered singing all sorts of songs.

Written by BustedChain

12/28/2008 at 9:41 pm

Microsoft “Repaired” the console today and should ship it back.

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So if the 360 ships out on Saturday, I could have it by Tuesday.  I expect the chance of it shipping tomorrow is maybe 40% (optomistic).  If it does ship then the chance of me receiving it before the end of Tuesday is about 90%.  If it ships Monday(which is more likely…) then I could get it by the end of Tuesday but that is a 50% chance or less.   They ship via Standard Overnight which is a 1-2 day service.  The service center is in Texas, but if you read my last blog entry you’d see that the package can run a maze around the country before it gets to where it is going.  Crazy carriers.

What has me a little pissed at this point is that both the XBOX Support (Level 1 supervisor) and the Global Escallations Support told me they would have the console replaced instead of being repaired.   Perhaps the wording in the auto-generated email is just that… inacurrate because it was sent by an automated computer system.   I’ll know for sure when I get the console back and I compare the serial numbers.  If they sent me my same console back “repaired” I am going to make a big deal about this.   A simple little blog pales in comparison.

Written by BustedChain

12/19/2008 at 7:13 pm

Microsoft received the XBOX360 today

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Looks like Microsoft received my dead XBOX360 today.  The tracking information resembles a bit of a farce:

Dec 17, 2008 1:38 PM Delivered MCALLEN, TX
12:15 PM On FedEx vehicle for delivery PHARR, TX
11:11 AM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
10:14 AM On FedEx vehicle for delivery PHARR, TX
9:06 AM At local FedEx facility PHARR, TX
7:27 AM At dest sort facility HARLINGEN, TX
5:39 AM Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Dec 16, 2008 9:35 PM At local FedEx facility EL PASO, TX
7:07 PM Left FedEx origin facility LAS CRUCES, NM
5:04 PM Picked up LAS CRUCES, NM

It is rather silly that an “Overnight” package going from New Mexico to Texas somehow managed to make it from El Paso, TX (border town between NM and Texas) all the way to Memphis, TN, then back to Texas, THEN back to Memphis, TN at 11:11am, and finally get delivered back in Texas at 1:38pm.      Yeah, I know that the tracking info is messed up and I’m just glad that it was delivered today.  Sometimes tracking information is really silly…like when they pretend to scan packages but instead they are just scanning a trailer that the package is supposed to be on all in the name of giving the customer a warm fuzzy feeling while the carrier pretends to know where the package is.

Now I wait and see if they get the replacement shipped today or tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and the Microsoft “Repair Status” page still says “Your order is currently in the queue to be processed. We will mail your box to you shortly.”    So apparrently the Microsoft repair tracking page for my issue/console is screwed up royally if they can’t tell that they have received the XBOX360 back already.

A Response…

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I received a call last night from a friendly support person in the Global Escallations Department.  According to him he is the highest level of consumer support that you can get for XBOX/Live related issues.  I have talked to someone from this department once before on my last Console Failure.

Here’s what I notice:

  1. They are smart, well spoken, and speak English NATIVELY!
  2. They are able to follow/track the progress of the console during the repair or replacement process.
  3. They are able to authorize a console replacement instead of receiving your console back “repaired”
  4. That’s about it.  They can request, but not authorize a console upgrade. (Such as a new one with HDMI and a cooler running processor)  They may be able to offer you a small consolation in the form of a crappy game or an accessory that you may already own at the end of the repair process.   I appreciate the sentiment here, but something with real value would be nice… a good game, a year of XBOX Live Gold, or some Microsoft Points (you know…something someone might actually use would be nice).

After talking with Derrick in the Microsoft Global Escalations group, he did tell me that since he was going to tell the repair center to replace the console as soon as they receive mine there is a good chance I will get the replacement back before Christmas.   So, if this actually comes to pass I will be happier.  (Of course this doesn’t take care of the weeks I’ve been without it while it has been shipped during all 5 of these failures, but there is a good chance my wife’s game will be playable on Christmas when she opens it which is what I wanted most of all.

Unresolved Issues:

  1. The extended warranty clearly states that I would receive a console “with the latest features” in the event mine had to be replaced.   Of course they have limited information on their website about this, but I have the original documents scanned into my computer for safe keeping.
  2. I really expect Microsoft should deliver one of the newest consoles.  I doubt they will.  They will likely give me the same refurbished garbage that they always send out and I will be going through this process yet again when the replacement craps out on me.   I wish Microsoft would do something PROACTIVE to keep this from happening to me a SIXTH time.
  3. …. and we will see if they manage to get the replacement sent to me by Christmas…

Written by BustedChain

12/17/2008 at 7:33 am